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Bathroom lighting - how do you choose the right type of light for the interior?

Bathroom lighting - how do you choose the right type of light for the interior?

Light has enormous power in interior design. In addition to the obvious functions, it also plays a decorative role, and creates the atmosphere and mood. Especially in bathrooms, which are often deprived of access to natural light. How can you create the perfect bathroom lighting? Here is some expert advice.

1.      Plan ahead

Although the bathroom lighting is installed in the final stages of finishing work, it is necessary to plan it much earlier - before any work has started. And not only because the assembly of appropriate installations is possible only before laying the tiles.

It is worth thinking carefully about your needs at the design stage. Will only the adults use the bathroom, or small children too? Where will the switches for individual light points be located, so that they are easily accessible after furnishing the interior? Where should the bathtub and the washbasin be mounted? What are you expecting - are you dreaming of a cosy bathing room or an interior full of energy? All of these aspects are reflected in the specificity of lighting. Once decisions have been made, it will be difficult to introduce modifications once the renovation is over.

Let's also remember that the same lighting will look completely different in a dark coloured arrangement than in a bright coloured one. White or creamy-white tiles, e.g. from the SOFT ROMANTIC collection, will reflect the light, making the bathroom look larger and more spacious. On the other hand, dark colours optically reduce the space and, in a way, "absorb" the light, but create a cosy, elegant atmosphere. You can also get an interesting effect by combining matte and glossy tiles, e.g. SOFT ROMANTIC.

2.      It depends on the zone

When planning lighting, you should focus on particular zones of the bathroom. In addition to the main light - gently illuminating the whole room (mounted on the ceiling in the central point/points), you should choose the appropriate light for specific functions of a particular part of the interior.

The most important area is the washbasin area. It must be provided with good lighting to make shaving and putting on make-up comfortable. LED strips around the mirror will work, as well as spotlights located on both sides. You can use either minimalistic frames or decorative sconces or candelabras. It all depends on the style of the entire interior and your preferences.
If there are two washbasins in the bathroom, lighting points
have to be located by both of them. It is also worth taking care of separate switches.

On the other hand, less decorative but easier to clean and safer spotlights will work in the shower cabin and by the bathtub. You should also make sure (just like in the case of all light fittings in the wet zone) to select models that guarantee protection against moisture.

3.      Choose the colour of light

The colour of the light is no less important than the arrangement and style of the light fittings. It is mainly responsible for the atmosphere in the bathroom. Neutral light of about 4000 K is definitely the best as the main lighting and also the washbasin lighting. It is easy-on-the-eye, it does not distort the colours, which is very important, for example when putting on make-up. In turn, it is best to install a warm light - about 2700 K - 3000 K - by the bathtub. It helps relax and stimulates the secretion of melatonin, i.e. the sleep hormone.

Another option is to install light sources that allow you to change the colour of the light. Then, depending on your needs - whether you want to relax or prepare for a busy day, you can modify the colour of the light freely and easily.

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