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A new bathroom without a renovation

A new bathroom without a renovation

Renovating a bathroom is not something most people welcome. Repairing installations, replacing ceramics, forging and laying tiles always means a mess, expenses and inconvenience. But a bathroom can be renovated much easier, faster and cheaper. How? Here are some ideas for refreshing the interior… without a renovation.

Bathroom tiles

Replacing ceramic tiles in the bathroom is definitely the most difficult part of the process. It is a costly and cumbersome procedure - it takes time, resources and often require the services of a specialist. Fortunately, there are simpler ways to renew tiles.
If the tiles are in good condition - they
are not crumbling, broken or falling off the walls - they can be repainted. In this way, we will say goodbye to unfashionable colours and boring patterns. Thanks to the availability of high-quality epoxy paints, after double coverage, tiles look great and are resistant to moisture. The cost of paint is about PLN 60 per litre, and this amount is enough to cover about 5-8 m2. If you like the colour of the tiles, and you only want a slight change, the cheaper and even simpler solution is offered by… stickers. Placed on all, or only a few tiles, they will refresh the interior. Their cost is just a few PLN. The effect can be delightful.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture

In general, the most burdensome aspect of a bathroom is not so much its appearance as… disorder and a lack of comfort. The solution to this problem is provided by functional furniture and a management system that will help maintain order and ensure a neat appearance of the entire interior. Suspended or mobile cabinets, e.g. from the SMART collection, will facilitate floor cleaning. Suitable furniture, e.g. bathtub panels (also SMART), will increase the storage space. Cosmetics, cleaning agents, as well as towels and various small items will find their place in cabinets and drawers, and you will be able to enjoy more free space.

But how can you replace the furniture in a room which is generally quite small without having to order furniture made to measure, which is usually quite an expensive option? Modular systems are a convenient and hassle-free option. The MODUO collection, made up of furniture in various sizes and varieties, is a good example. With this furniture, we can independently adapt the furnishings to the specifics of the bathroom - either a large bathing salon or a small bathroom in a flat. Universal and fashionable furniture colours - white, grey and oak-like elements - fit any bathroom style.

Bathroom ceramics

A cracked washbasin or permanent discolouration of the toilet bowl can really spoil your mood. And yet, contrary to appearances, replacing bathroom ceramics is not difficult at all! Especially as the multitude of sizes and shapes makes it easy to choose a model that fits the current arrangement. And new assembly systems will facilitate the self-assembly of these appliances.

Another available option is provided by clever solutions used by specialists. Small scratches or defects, e.g. in a washbasin, can be supplemented with the appropriate agents available in all home improvement and construction stores. It's enough to mix the compound, apply it onto the defect, wait for it to dry, gently polish and it's ready!

Bathroom decorations and accessories

But this is not all. Mould-covered grout or discolouration of silicone can be as much of a nuisance as unfashionable tiles. And yet, even in this case, a major renovation is not necessary at all. You can clean the grout efficiently with the help of specialised preparations. And it is easy to replace the silicone by yourself. Just remove the dirty joint thoroughly - e.g. by cutting it out with a knife. Then the surface should be cleaned and degreased with alcohol. Finally, fill the gap with a silicone gun.

By far the easiest, cheapest and sometimes quite sufficient solution is to replace a few small pieces - accessories and decorative elements. Replacing the textiles, an old shower curtain, soap dishes and toothbrush cups… can completely change the appearance of the interior. The mirror is a good example. Instead of the old, draped or dull glass, choose the SMART slide-out model. The ability to bring the mirror closer and adjust its position will make your morning easier and more pleasant. And thanks to this small improvement, you may get to like your bathroom again.

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