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StreamOn Technology

StreamOn Technology

Technology inspired by nature

Designers have always taken inspiration from nature to create masterpieces. The unique shape of this bowl follows observation of natural forms. The inside of the toilet bowl is designed as if sculpted by flowing water. The StreamOn technology of the toilet bowl touches upon the natural phenomena of the universe: the everlasting spiral motion of air, water or entire galaxies. StreamOn works naturally - it reverses the flow of water into a vortex.


The water leaves a single flushing nozzle and washes the bowl interior in several swirls at a single flush: this is how all soil is removed with a perfect efficiency and a splash as low as a whisper. The unique internal form of the INVERTO toilet bowl follows the geometry, sculpted by the natural flow of water. In the WC toilet bowl one flushing hole was used, with its special location. Thanks to this, the strongest water jet washes the inside of the bowl at the back - where you need a strong wash, and the gentler at the front - where you need a gentler wash.

The INVERTO rimless wall hung bowl with the StreamOn system guarantees

The INVERTO no rim wall hung bowl with the StreamOn system guarantees:
• efficient vortex flushing
• silent flush action
• no splashing of water
• the highest standard of hygiene without any need for strong detergents
• low water usage: only 2/4 litres per flush


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