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CleanOn is cleanliness at the highest level

The design is not only impressive in shape, but also practical solutions translating to comfort of use. Therefore we introduced the innovative CleanOn technology, which assists you to keep the bathroom perfectly clean for a very long time.

Toilet bowls and WC compacts with a new technology

CleanOn technology is an ecological and economical user-friendly solution. Its implementation in WC compacts and wall hung bowl ensures long-term cleanliness. At the same time, cleaning proves to be much more convenient, because related activities have been significantly reduced.

CleanOn no rim toilet bowls are a breakthrough in bathroom hygiene. A new approach to design, which includes design and functionality in equal measure, resulted in a solution that meets the highest quality standards. The innovative technology is applied in the well-known and appreciated sanitary ceramics series, PARVA, CARINA, EASY, COLOUR, ARTECO and ETIUDA, as well as new series: CASPIA, CITY, CITY OVAL, COMO.

Cersanit CleanOn – easy and convenient cleaning

With CleanOn technology, the toilet is convenient, easy and quick to clean. There is no need to use strong detergents. With the elimination of hard-to-reach places and a perfect flushing system, it is enough to wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove any contamination. With CleanOn technology, the toilet will always be perfectly clean.

Perfect hygiene with Cersanit CleanOn

A characteristic feature of traditional toilet bowls is the inner rim, forming recesses that are difficult to reach and clean. They are hazardous places of dirt accumulation, which favour the growth of dangerous bacteria and microbes. With our CleanOn technology, we removed the traditional inner rim from the toilet bowl, which resulted in an integrated, enclosed interior, with a surface that is easy to clean thoroughly. The no-rim solution ensures perfect surface cleanliness without onerous recesses that favour germ growth.

Efficient water flushing system

CleanOn technology also includes an innovative water-based toilet flushing system, which in connection with the no-rim bowl interior ensures safe hygienic conditions. Thorough flushing is possible with a specially contoured bowl interior. It was shaped so that its entire surface is very thoroughly washed with water reaching everywhere. As a result, it is always left perfectly clean, which makes the toilet more hygienic.

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