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In the case of small bathrooms, every single centimetre is vital. This is why it is crucial to carefully consider the arrangement and the type of bathroom equipment at an early stage, during the interior design phase. Those of us who happen to own tiny bathrooms, like those in a typical block of flats, will undoubtedly appreciate the possibilities that the AQUA 72 PNEU S QF BOX WC concealed system provides. As the depth of the device is only 11 centimetres, it can be installed even in an extremely compact space with relative ease. A quiet filling valve is an extraordinary advantage of this system as well, as it makes using the toilet much more comfortable. In addition, the QUICK FIX wall-mounting bracket system enables the device to be installed quickly and efficiently, regardless of where you plan to mount it. The installation process is a breeze, even in the case of uneven walls or room corners.

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