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We care

We care

Early risk detection enables a quick response and reduces negative consequences for the organisation. Various types of problems, threats and irregularities may develop unnoticed by the management of the organisation, even for an extended period of time, which may affect the work atmosphere, as well as the financial and image results.

As a mature organisation, Cersanit understands that it can grow better without being indifferent to difficult topics. WE CARE about an open dialogue on problems. However, we understand that sometimes — as in a family — it is difficult to speak about them directly.

For the sake of the comfort and safety of this dialogue, Cersanit has introduced a platform for anonymous reporting of irregularities called "WE CARE", available at

what constitutes an irregularity at a company?

Theft of products or production materials, as well as misuse of company property.

Abuse - actions harmful or potentially harmful to the company's interests, and actions contrary to the company's values, such as overstating the overtime hours worked or improper settlement of mileage allowance.

Corruption - providing, demanding or promising to provide financial or personal gain to a public official or a contractor's representative, or accepting financial or personal gain or promise thereof from such an individual.

A conflict - a situation in witch the employee's personal interests are contrary to the good of the company.

An unfair competition incident -  a violation of fair competition principles in relations with clients and contractors.

A GDPR incident - a violation of legal provisions concerning the protection of personal data.

An OHS incident - a violation of laws and internal regulations regarding occupational health and safety.

An environmental incident - a violation of both laws and internal regulations regarding environmental protection.

An HR incident - an act of harassment or a violation of the provisions prohibiting discrimination.

As well as any other actions that violate any customs and/ or internal company provisions (such as procedures and regulations) and thus undermines the company's image and hinders its proper functioning.

A Platformfor reportingirregularities

Letter from the President of the Board

Mariusz Sośnierz - Cersanit S.A.Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Cersanit's mission is to build a fast, simple, innovative and modern company, operating in accordance with applicable legal norms and maintaining business ethics, which we understand as responsibility and transparency in action.

As employees, we have a great deal of knowledge about the company, events, situations and behaviours that take place in our professional environment - including those that are incorrect and undesirable ones. We want to use this knowledge to positively shape our environment and work culture - without being indifferent to violations of legal, corporate and social principles.

Cersanit is not indifferent to the surrounding world. We will not close our proverbial eyes to changes, and are ready to change ourselves. For the sake of the work atmosphere, which affects the satisfaction and development of each employee, and thus the company's results, we are always open to dialogue about any irregularities found.

We want this dialogue to be open, honest and safe, even if it touches on difficult subjects. We want to know about any irregularities in order to be able to take consistent and effective corrective and preventive actions. This is possible if we react to negative events without compromising.

We care about not being indifferent.

For this purpose, we have launched a special internet platform, "WE CARE", thanks to which all employees will be able to report negative events noticed in their environment in a completely anonymous way. The "WE CARE" platform is operated by a professional external company, which guarantees its independence from the company and ensures full security of all submissions.

The internet platform is available at:

The application ensures the anonymity of the applicant, who in the system uses an individual identification number assigned each time, and a special PIN code. These two pieces of data are known only to the applicant, who via the platform will be able to communicate with an external company in the field of reporting and analysing irregularities. No application will be left unanswered and all will be considered in detail.

I encourage everyone to watch the video showing the operation of the platform and to read the detailed information on logging in and reporting irregularities, which is available below.

I believe that we will not remain indifferent to abuses, and we will react to them jointly, firmly and consistently. After all, it is our company, our workplace, our comfort and our affairs.

We implemented the platform because WE CARE about your work comfort and the development of our company!

We will take care of every case!


Best regards,
Mariusz Sośnierz
President of the Management Board of Cersanit S.A.